The fastest way to build a smart, efficient practice, that scales

Grow your Chiropractic practice. Change the Face of Medicine.


The proven blueprint of multi-million dollar, 1000+ patient visit a week Chiropractic practices


Systemize your practice to gain more freedom as an owner


Watch your practice grow explosively in weeks, not years


Strategies of the Experts

You'll learn the steps we took grow Chiropractic practices into world beaters. Then we'll walk you through each step of implementation so you can build a smart, highly efficient practice that gives you more of your time back while we Change the Face of Medicine together.


You're Busy Enough.

So We Made It Easy.

  • Easy to follow instructions
  • No guesswork, simply follow the next steps
  • Spend less time struggling and more time enjoying life
  • Get things done on your own schedule, in your own way


Satisfied Customers Can't Be Wrong.

Successful Satisfied Customers

Marketing Strategies

Scaling your practice is not an easy task. You need a plan that will work for you and the size of your business. We will teach you how we were able to create over $1 million in revenue in a single month, while also providing resources and training on marketing and sales strategy so we can create an impact together!

Our Structure

Learn. Automate. Scale.

You're not going to want miss this. We are finally going to show you exactly how we created practices that were in the top .1% in the nation. This is for providers on a mission. We'll give you total peace of mind that your efforts will lead you towards success! You'll learn what it takes at each stage in order make sure everything falls into place seamlessly.

  • Learn how to build a foundation for scale
  • Systemize and automate your practice
  • Take it to the moon so you can be part of the conversation

Major Training Topics

155+ Sections Total

Vision Development

We will guide you through the process of developing a well defined vision for yourself and your practice for ultimate clarity of action



You'll learn the principles that will help you become fearless and capable in your drive to change medicine


Foundational Principles

You'll learn the foundational principles, rules, and guidelines that will improve your decision making for explosive practice growth



You'll learn the concepts to building a lasting brand that you can take to market for the long term and build an empire on



You'll learn the operational structure & systems it takes to run a practice that sees in excess of 1000+ patient visits a week


Sales & Marketing

Then you'll learn the exact sales and marketing process we've used to grow practices from 200 PV a week to over 1000!



Less than the cost of a book per training module

Full Training For You and Your Team

On Demand. Anytime. Anywhere.

Step-By-Step Implementation

Complete Workbook To Guide The Process

Support for 60 Days

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Full Hands On Guidance, Platforming, and Automations

Full Hands On

Full Hands On Guidance

Everything In Basic +

In Office Delivery - 1 Week To Get You Up To Speed

Unlimited Help & Support For 1 Year

3 Coaching Calls Per Week

Fully Automated Ongoing Objective Performance Based Training For Your Team

Software Platform For Clinic Organization, Training, Communication

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